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Guided Bike Tours Edinburgh - Highlands - Scotland

Auld Reekie Bicycle Tour (Easy/Medium - Edinburgh - Half Day)

Auld Reekie Bike Tour - Water of Leith

The name, ‘Auld Reekie’ not only refers to Edinburgh’s historic problem with a certain bad odour which was created by bad sanitation. But also, the noxious smog that hung over the city created by household coal fires and the beginning of Edinburgh’s steam industries. Our Auld Reekie bike tour utilizes the route of Edinburgh’s ancient transport network to navigate much of the city and surrounding areas. Many of the railways and waterways which were once used in the transportation of raw materials to the factories to finished products being exported around the globe, have since been converted into shared cycle paths. This subterranean system of almost traffic free routes offer us an insight into Edinburgh’s industrious heritage.