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Guided Road Bike Tours - Easy to Hard - Half to Full Day

Moorfoot Hills Bike Tour - Peebles

Get on a road bike in Edinburgh, and no matter which direction you leave the urban bustle of the city, it's not going to be long before you're cycling along some fantastic rural routes. From the flat coastline of East Lothian, to the hills of Midlothian and the Scottish Borders. Choose from 5 of our tried and tested routes, selected for their varied spectacular terrain and level of effort required to cycle them. We are confident there is something here that will provide any road cyclist with a day in the saddle to remember, and hopefully a bit of a workout too.

Tripadvisor says BRAVO to The Tartan Bicycle Company

Bicycle Tour of Edinburgh

The Tartan Bicycle Company celebrates as Tripadvisor says BRAVO, after customers consistently give our bike tours and cycle hire service EXCELLENT reviews. This currently puts us in a respectful 15th position in Tripadvisor's list of Edinburgh activities, also top bike tour Company.

Football? What Football??

Bike tour around Edinburgh - Water of Leith

I think one of the main reason Scotland didn't qualify for the world cup, is because we were more focused in offering the nation a fun packed couple of month of cycling festivals and bike events.

After a successful festival in 2013, the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling kicks off once again for another 11 days of biking madness. Also, Bike Week gets our cycling legs warmed up. There really is something for everyone even mildly interested in our 2 wheeled friends to get involved in.

Margo's World Bike Tour!

Margo's World Bike Tour

Forget Mark Beaumont; not that I want to take any of his cycling achievements away from him or anything, he is a true ambassador to our beautiful sport after all. But please spare a thought for the unsung heroes of cycle touring, such as our wonderful friend Margo Denholm.


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