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Auld Reekie Bicycle Tour (Easy/Medium - Edinburgh - Half Day)

Auld Reekie Bike Tour - Water of Leith

The name, ‘Auld Reekie’ not only refers to Edinburgh’s historic problem with a certain bad odour which was created by bad sanitation. But also, the noxious smog that hung over the city created by household coal fires and the beginning of Edinburgh’s steam industries. Our bike tour steps back to Edinburgh’s industrious past. From transportation of fuel and raw materials via the Union canal and network of railways, to the production of goods in the watermills situated along the Water of Leith, and the import and export of produce around the world from Scotland’s busiest port, Leith.

Union Canal Bicycle Tour (Medium - Falkirk to Edinburgh - Full Day)

Union Canal Bike Tour - Union Canal Towpath

Our Union Canal self guided bike tour begins in the historic town of Falkirk. The route meanders its way through the West Lothian countryside, visiting the Royal Burgh of Linlithgow, and eventually coming to a sudden halt in Edinburgh’s city centre. From the modern engineering of the Falkirk wheel to the majesty of the 15th century Linlithgow Palace. The canal itself is a reminder of Central Scotland's industrial past and the people who worked here.


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